Thursday, August 6, 2009

Internet addict

I never realized how much I depended on the internet until my roommate told me that our internet was as good as a dinosaur: a thing of the past. Without home-access to the glories of blog, calorie counts, my e-mail, I might as well be eating cookies all day.

Three healthy meals a day and two snacks can either mean daily consuming 1400 calories, or 2,000. It’s hard for me to guesstimate until after I’ve entered the calories into SparkPeople. I’m amazed at how quickly everything can add up. Who knew my salad with carrots, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, and chicken – all healthy things – can end up being 450 calories of deliciousness.

I’m trying to cope the best I can, but it’s really hard and I’m not doing so well. Hopefully this problem won’t last too much longer.

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