Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week re-cap

Weight: 203.2
Week’s weight loss: -3.0
Total weight loss: -3.0

It's been a week since I began to focus on weight loss/healthy eating again.  My goals were really important to me – Kate and I both paid attention to them, and tried to accommodate them into our schedules.  (Kate and I are constantly attached at the hip; we share one calendar.)   I feel like after a week, I’m ready to move onto some more goals, some of which are also health related.

Last week’s goals were:
1.       Lose a pound - SUCCESS
I didn’t just lose one pound – I lost three!   My starting weight was 206.2, and I ended three pounds lower, at 203.2. 
2.       Count calories every day this week.  Do not stop on the weekend – 6/7
Every day, but Saturday.  Pride got in the way, and I’m okay with that. 
3.       Count calories every evening, before I go to bed – 5/7
This only got done because of Kate.  She’s really great at reminding me.  It’s hard to count calories when you know you’re over.

This week’s goals will look very similar to last week’s:
1.       Lose a pound (or two, or three)
2.       Count calories every day this week.  Do not stop on the weekend.
3.       Count calories every evening, before I go to bed.
4.       Make healthy, not pre-packaged lunch.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 6

Losing weight with Kate is unlike anything I've ever done before.  She constantly asks me questions that I may find rude from others, but I find endearing and well-meant from her.  Yesterday, there was free ice cream - FREE ICE CREAM - on our way to BART.  I asked Kate, "Should I get some ice cream?" and she responded with "Do you have the calories?  Because if you do - you definitely should."  I didn't, and it took that conversation to remind me that I had a healthier option.  And - even better - she wouldn't have judged me if I had gotten the ice cream.

This week has been amazing.  I've only gone over my calories once so far.  A mix of exercise, planning, and eating well has really enabled me to be successful so far this week.  Having felt like a failure (on the food front) for much of the past year, it's been amazing to take control - and still get to eat goodies.  And it's been great to be able to share it with Kate, who's calorie counting too.  I'm impressed with LiveStrong, though their website could be more friendly to people who want to share meals and food with one another.  (I'm wantonfrolick if you want to look me up.)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pride weekend

Dyke march, Pink Saturday, and Sunday's parade - it was non-stop rainbows this weekend.  My eating wasn't awful, and I even counted calories on Sunday.  (Saturday I munched all day - even my best guess would be ridiculously off.)  Almost every weekend this year I have gained weight on the weekend, and this is the first time that I can remember IN A WHOLE YEAR that I did not gain any weight between Friday and Sunday night.  I know it's a sad state of affairs when you gain weight every week, but it's so amazing to have the power to stop the cycle and take control of your body.

Just a little over three more pounds to go before I'm under 200 again.  It takes those small goals to keep me motivated.  Thinking about the fact that I re-gained 35 pounds is so discouraging, but a three pound goal is extremely attainable.

It feels nice to be on a healthy path and to have Kate there with me.  I can't wait until I feel strong and comfortable in my body again!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 1 recap

Yesterday was a good day.  It was beginning of Pride weekend for me, and I went out dancing with my wife and some awesome folks.  Dancing is my favorite work out ever, and combined with my morning workout and lunch time walk, I kicked some calories' butts.

After writing yesterday's post, I emailed it to my wife and asked for help. I can't do this alone this time, I'm just not motivated enough right now.  Kate immediately started on the project.  Before going to a goodbye party, I went to Subway to get a sandwich and didn't eat or drink at the party (yay healthy planning choices!).  But then I met up with friends, and we went out to dinner.  And Kate totally stuck by me and helped me make healthier choices.  Because she's the best.

Of the two goals this week that I want to do every day, I totally rocked them yesterday.  Both in large part to Kate!

  1. YES - Count calories every day this week.  Do not stop on the weekend.  
  2. YES - Count calories every evening, before I go to bed
Right now I'm feeling really great about Day 1 and really lucky to have Kate and such fantastic friends.  I'm finally feeling in control and that makes me happy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's start over

Well, it's not really starting over, is it?  It's never really starting over - it's a journey and there's no beginning or end.  But right now I'm going to begin with the number 206.2.  This way I can be accountable.

Kate's been counting calories with me.  Well, that's not true.  Kate's been counting calories.  I've been pretending to count calories.  I need some accountability to myself, so I'm going to write it all down here.  I'm not motivated to lose weight like I used to be - I have the love of the life, what more do I need?  Except I don't love my body.  It feels slugging, weak, and as if it's competing with itself.  I don't feel as comfortable in my own skin as I used to - it feels foreign to me.  But I find it so hard sometimes to do things for myself.  But this I need to do for myself.

So, starting number is 206.2.  I have a week until the end of the month.  Here are my goals for the next week, from Thursday to Thursday:

  1. Lose a pound.  
  2. Count calories every day this week.  Do not stop on the weekend
  3. Count calories every evening, before I go to bed.
It sounds so hard to me.  Every day, including the weekends?  Staying accountable to myself?   I know if I can do it this week, I can do it next week and the week after.  If I can do it today, I can do it tomorrow, and the day after.  I can do this, right?