Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No weekly weigh-in

I haven't stepped on a scale in over a week.  It's been fantastic.

Normally I weigh myself daily, but I'm enjoying life a little too much right now to care to get back on the scale.  I think it might be up a little - or down.  I truly have no idea.  In the meantime, I've been going to the gym (a little less than normal, but going) and counting calories.

There are days when I look in the mirror and I'm amazed at what stares back at me.  My face, my stomach, my thighs, my entire body looks so different.  There is still a ways to go, but I'm very proud of the journey and what I look like right now.

Ignore the fact that it was taken in my work's restroom.  
That's a size 12 dress from Van Heusen Outlet!


  1. You look great, lady, not that you didn't look great before.

    I think the most noticeable weight loss difference for me is people's faces. They look a lil' more pixie-ish :]