Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In (167.8)

This week’s weight: 169.4
This week's weight lost: -1.6
Total weight lost: -58.6

Wow!  What a huge loss for a week where I exercised only twice!  

It was a fairly good week.  The highlight of my week weight-loss wise was also the low point of my week personally.  I got in a huge argument with my best friend last week.  In my anger, I decided to go and treat myself somewhere nice and eat at restaurant I like.  The MUNI Metro was down, so I decided to walk to the restaurant - about 3 miles away.  As I walked, I realized that I was only going to eat the meal out of frustration, and as the miles went by I decided to instead make a responsible dinner at home.  


  1. don't you just love long walks. It helps you think and reason things out while burning calories. LOL. I am a big fan of the long walk.



  2. What a great revelation while walking, love :]