Thursday, December 24, 2009

At the gym

For years I avoided the gym.  I was afraid that people would judge me, and I was afraid that everyone else would be beautiful and fit.  The first day I went to the gym last year, I was surprised that more than half of the gym was filled with other lumpy people.

Every morning I train alongside other beautiful swishy people, many of whom are losing weight or somehow improving their bodies, rather than maintaining fitness they already have.

In some ways, the gym is a great support community for fellow lumpy people, which seriously surprised me.  I had always thought of the gym as somewhere only fit people go.

I work out in the Financial District of San Francisco every  morning.  Recently, while house sitting, I went to the Marina gym and (personal) awkwardness ensued.

First, there were mirrors everywhere.  I don't want to stare at myself for 30 minutes at a time normally, and especially not while I'm sweaty and gross. 

Second, I felt completely out of my league. 

The Marina gym had a bunch of body builders, fit stay-at-home moms, and others who had nice arms, small asses, and matching track suits.  Thankfully after a year of being at a gym, I felt like I belonged here too.  I did not feel self conscious as I climbed on the elliptical in my stained wife beater, roughed up gym pants, and unshaven legs (hey, it's winter!), and then - of course - started dancing to all the good songs.

Despite my lack of shame at going to the Marina, I really prefer my Financial District gym.  I like the homey feeling with my fellow lumpy people.

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