Monday, December 28, 2009

My 400 calorie lunch

My 400 calorie lunch includes:

Turkey sandwich
1.5 ounces of turkey (2 slices)
1/5 of an avocado
1/2 tablespoon of fancy delicious oil
1 Orowheat Sandwich Thins
Calories: 255

1 bag of Bolthouse Farms pre-packaged baby carrots
Calories: 25

Sweet potato
1/2 of sweet potato I cooked last night and heated
Calories: 125
(Calories are approximate for the yam; no one has calorie info for an actual yam not cut up)


That's pretty darn good for 3 different things on my plate.  I am loving the Orowheat Thins.  They taste good and provide for my bread fixation.  And darn that yam was good.  Such a delicious, low-calories, and healthy dessert!

The plate is super big.  It was a hearty lunch, just a large plate diminishes it's size.  I swear! 

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