Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 6

Losing weight with Kate is unlike anything I've ever done before.  She constantly asks me questions that I may find rude from others, but I find endearing and well-meant from her.  Yesterday, there was free ice cream - FREE ICE CREAM - on our way to BART.  I asked Kate, "Should I get some ice cream?" and she responded with "Do you have the calories?  Because if you do - you definitely should."  I didn't, and it took that conversation to remind me that I had a healthier option.  And - even better - she wouldn't have judged me if I had gotten the ice cream.

This week has been amazing.  I've only gone over my calories once so far.  A mix of exercise, planning, and eating well has really enabled me to be successful so far this week.  Having felt like a failure (on the food front) for much of the past year, it's been amazing to take control - and still get to eat goodies.  And it's been great to be able to share it with Kate, who's calorie counting too.  I'm impressed with LiveStrong, though their website could be more friendly to people who want to share meals and food with one another.  (I'm wantonfrolick if you want to look me up.)

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