Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is not working

Weight: 205.6
Week’s weight loss: +2.4
Total weight loss: -.6

I know why I struggle at night.  I'm still not used to being with someone else.  I miss my alone time.  It's my time to focus and move forward.  This is a problem that Kate and I know about, but I seem not to have the willpower to change - newly married life has become a lovely, all-consuming feelings lovefest that I hear makes others nauseous to be around.  (Hint: we have our own songs, and fight about who's nicer/hotter/sweeter/funnier/luckier.)

So this week sucked on the weight loss front.  Next week will be better.  I'm going to have a "mini week" from now until Monday.  Checking in on Thursday does not motivate me.

Over this mini week I will:

  1. Not eat in front of the TV - Even if I want this rule to really be DON'T WATCH TV that hasn't been happening.  So I will address the actual problem of EATING in front of the TV.   It relates to my next rule:
  2. All meals will happen at the table (if we're home) - and kick that ridiculous munching habit away.  If I'm hungry, eat.  If I'm emotionally hungry, pause.
Those are my two rules for the next few days.  That's it. Nothing to do with weight, because while I'd like to lose some, I don't really feel confident I can, and I need to build my confidence up right now.

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  1. you can do this! just have to tweak it now with the new changes (aka being around other people while before it was just you). Great goals! It can be done!