Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekly weigh in (170.4)

February 15’s weight: 168.0
This week's weight: 170.4
This week's weight lost: +2.4
Total weight lost: -56.0
February’s weight lost: -1.4

I skipped my weigh-in last week, but I’m back now.  I’ve been feeling very badly about weight recently – how did I manage to gain 4 pounds?!  (I weighed myself last Wednesday, and was at 172.)   I’m feeling unsuccessful and off-goal.  So it is a shock to me that I still managed to lose 1.4 pounds in February.  It’s not the 4 pounds I was aiming for, but it’s still a loss and it makes me feel somewhat successful.

Accordingly to my goal chart, I should be at 167.  While three pounds is truly a very small amount, it’s the difference between feeling like a winner and feeling like a failure.  I want to stay on-goal, I want to stay successful.  I’ve been trying to tell myself that I am successful – I have lost 55 pounds!  But I still can’t shake how many pounds off-goal I am, and trying to figure out ways to get back on-goal. 

But I did lose 1.4 pounds this month.  And I know that by the end of next month I’ll be able to say I’m on-goal again.  I just know it.  I’ve begun working out in the mornings again and I’ve been studiously tracking my calories.  I know I can do this!

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  1. Just keep at it, and you will keep losing, and you will get to goal. Don't give up!