Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly weigh in

Last week's weight: 171.8
This week's weight: 168.0
This week's weight lost: -3.8
Total weight lost: 58.4

I was hungry this weekend.  I ate Thai food, quiche, 1/2 pound burger and fries, cheese and herb polenta, and a slew of other things I should only eat in moderation.   While it wasn't an out and out eat fest, I did eat more than I should on quite a few days.  These eating days were balanced with days I ate in moderation, but considering the food I ate, the four pound loss is mind-blowing.  I stepped on the scale three times to make sure that I wasn't simply getting a wonky number.  I still wonder, though, if I simply broke my scale...

My boy and I broke up this week.  If we were in a romantic comedy, we would have likely made up the night before Valentine's Day.  But there is no bad romantic comedy movie in my future, just some great opportunities to learn from my mistakes and become the person I want to be.*  We've been on and off again for the entirety of our three year relationship, and it's past the time where things needed to end romantically.  After three years of struggle, we've both agreed that we're not working out, but would like to keep our amazing friendship. 

The day of - and after - the break up I ate very little.  I felt the hunger from far away, but food simply didn't interest me.  I was completely shocked!  I was expecting a buffet line of bad things, but my body insisted on fruit smoothies and a lot of broccoli.  This is going on my list of one of the reasons I adore my body.

After two days I was up to my old tricks, and it feels like things have begun to balance out.  I feel like I over did it this weekend, but I stopped tracking at some point.  I went on a 10 minute run this weekend, which felt so amazing after so many weeks of "healing".  It feels nice to be back, and almost be 100%.

*Sappy, I know.  But I really believe shit like that.  I also think that everything happens for a reason.  Just call it my Bay Area Philosophy.  I also own Birkenstocks, eat organic and local produce, and love to compost.

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  1. You are an inspiration my dear. I think brocoli sounds really good after some emotional stand-offs. I read.. it's how I escape from reality. Read, read, read... that doesn't always work though.. and it doesn't keep you moving.. I'm glad your body is feeling better too. ~_^