Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly weign in

I'm going to skip my weekly weigh-in this week.  I never do this, but I'm simply too embarrassed/in disbelief over the weight I saw this morning.  I'll let you know next week where I stand.

In the meantime, my embarrassment has proven to be an effective motivating tool.  I have planned out my week and seem to be on the right track.  I am trying to stay motivated, but it's hard when I'm starting to feel like I have a "normal" body.  But I'm not yet in the healthy range, and I'm still not thrilled with how my body looks.  I know it's unusual, but I like my body more when I'm standing naked in front of my mirror in the morning than I do after all the layers of clothes I put on.  Those curves are proof of all my hard work, and that gets hidden under the shirts and pant.

But sometimes I need a reminder that I'm not yet done with this work.  I yearn for a day when my legs don't rub, and I don't need to wear tights or leggings to make a dress comfortable.  I want to be able to be a healthy weight.  I want to be HOT, not just beautiful.  This can only be attained if I watch what I eat.  I CAN DO IT!!!  IT REALLY IS WHAT I WANT!!!

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  1. I had a bad week too. My weight was higher bc of water weight gain. Girl its all in my blog. I have a different mindset towards this that can power you through.