Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekly weigh in (171.0)

Last week's weight: 174.4
This week's weight: 171.0
This week's weight lost: -3.4
Total weight lost: 55.0

I didn't really lose 3 pounds in a week.  My weight has been fluctuating rather radically the past two weeks. I am definitely somewhere between 171 and 174, but I'm not sure exactly where along that spectrum I really weigh in.  I'm only going to be confident in the weight loss if I have a similar weigh in tomorrow.

At 171 I am exactly "on goal" for the year, which is exciting.  I have been significantly less hungry because I can't work out right now, so eating 1200 calories a day has been very filling.  Which is super unexpected.  It seems that being injured is not all bad, and it's showing me that there are many different way to weight loss.
Chart titled, Weigh yourselfd

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