Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Weigh-in (172.4)

Current weight: 172.4
Week's weight lost: +2.2 
Total weight loss: 54.0

I have no clue how I gained 2.2 pounds this week, but it might have something to do with the fact that I got engaged to a lovely lady on Wednesday!  I haven't been paying that much attention to calories or food, but I don't think I've eaten enough to gain two pounds in a week.  I think the two pounds is a long-time coming gain from eating poorly the past few weeks.

Part of me now wants to lose weight for the wedding, but I also am fine with how I am now.  Either way, I want to lose the extra weight I am lugging around, even if it's not by the time I say "I Do".  

With all the excitement, I didn't make it to the gym last week, but I hope that will change this week.  I will for-sure go to the gym tomorrow, and hope to get another day in sometime this week.  

While the gym is nice, it's my food intake that I need to watch to lose weight and be healthy.  Today's pizza lunch just isn't going to do the trick.  I need to stick to start planning my meals based on health, not just on what tastes good.

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