Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In (174.6)

Current weight: 174.6
Week's weight lost: -1.4
Total weight loss: 51.8

It's hard to write a number in the 170s.  I feel that I should be in the 160s, because that's where I left off.  That's where my lowest weight is.  All that energy I took to get into the 160s is now gone.  It feels wasted.  I know that this is about the journey, not the weight, but it's still hard to not judge myself for being heavier - again.  It's hard to get excited about a pound a half drop, because it feels like it's a pound a half closer to what it should be.

On the plus side, a pound a half!  Yay!  And that's even with too way-too-much pizza last night. I know that I'm on this amazing journey toward a healthier me.  It was amazing to hike on vacation.  I love living an active lifestyle.

Goal review and how last week went:

  1. Routine - 
    • Daily weigh-ins - YES, for the days I had a scale.  This really helps me
    • Weekly blog weigh-ins - Hellllo there!
    • Morning gym routine - SCORE!  Last week I kicked ass in this department - for the two days I was at work.  I was "off" during vacation, and I took a lazy day this morning - but tonight!
  2. Lose a pound a week  - 
    • YAY! 1.4 pounds!!!
  3. Small, achievable goals with a method 
    • Maintain an average 500 calorie daily deficit - more or less, depending on the day
    • Eat four 300-400 calorie meals a day - this is my downfall.  I've had many 700 calorie meals this last week
    • Eat between 1,400 and 1,700 calories a day, depending on exercise - Doing okay here.
    • Plan meals ahead - I know what my lunch will be this week.  That counts, right?
  4. Make healthy choices - Trying.  I'm trying.

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