Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I can't believe it!  I am under 170 pounds.  Just barely, weighing in this morning at 169.8, but still there!  I can barely get my head wrapped around the idea that I was in the 170s, much less that I'm now in the 160s!  I've never been below 185 before, and this feels great!  (Sorry for the excessive use of exclamation points, but I'm very excited.)

I've been noticing my body a lot lately.  It catches my eye whenever I'm in front of a mirror.  I notice the bone in my shoulders, the pronounced curve of my hips, the way I look taller.  It's fun having thighs that are straight, rather than being bunched and curved in awkward places because there's simply no where else to put the fat.  It's great to have only one chin, room in my pants, and feel amazing.  I am amazed at how far I've traveled, and excited about where I've yet to go. 

My top priority after I get my refund check is to move.  I want to live somewhere I can ride a bike to work.  I look forward to pedaling myself forward, literally and figuratively. 

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