Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Limping along

I am not a good sick person.  I make a fuss.  I don't work through the pain, I cry through it.  I whimper and complain and don't get things done.  Which is why it must be really irritating for friends and family that I'm still hurting.

Last night I ate within my calorie budget until the end of the night.  After my class - which took me 20 minutes to limp the 3 blocks to - I was so exhausted and hungry from pain that I ate the sweets sitting on the table... and then some.  Even in the moment I knew that I shouldn't be eating the delicious sugary concoctions, but I did it anyhow.  I need to stop making excuses.

I am trying to relax so my body can heal quicker, so I did not exercise this morning.  This gives me even less room to mess up during the day.  I need to keep a strict diet (something I've never been good at) to continue my weight loss this week.  I do not want to have pain as an excuse not to achieve my goals.  I can do this!  (I hope!)

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