Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still hurt

Four days after The Fall, and I'm still sore.  Yesterday I went to the gym, trying to make up for the skipped work outs on Wednesday and Thursday, but I am afraid I did too much.  An hour on the elliptical going slowly was thirty minutes too much.  I think it's stunted my healing process because now I'm just as sore as I was on Friday.

My eating yesterday was great, but Friday's was not.  Never the less I am surprised by this morning's weight: 174.8.  When I saw the number, I was very unhappy with myself.  I am grateful that I track my weight.  I have a short-term weight memory.  Whenever the number is stagnant for a week, the week feels like a month.  When I put the weight into Spark People, I saw that 174.8 is a pound less than it was three weeks ago, during the holidays.  I'll take the (small) loss, even if I had hoped for more from myself this weekend.

The view from my window is beckoning me to go outside, but sadly I don't think I'm going to be able to make it today.  My hip is hurting simply from sitting.

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