Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Since my mobility is severely limited, especially in comparison to my routine daily workouts, I did a yoga class earlier this week.  Not only did it not leave my hip sore after (but boy did the rest of my body feel it!) it really inspired me.  Ever since the yoga class I have tried to avoid processed and frozen foods, which is most of what I keep around, and my body seems to be feeling better energized.  I made some homemade butternut squash soup and have been eating way more veggies than usual.  Yummy!

Yesterday I had my second Tuesday evening class.  During last week's class I was so exhausted and overwhelmed with the pain that I ate a lot more than I should have, and I was very proud with how I dealt with it yesterday.  Studying at the cafe during dinner time, I responsibly only ordered a banana and ate the dinner I had planned.  Passing up an opportunity to eat bread is really hard for me, and this is a HUGE accomplishment in my book!

Weight loss is a lot harder when you can't exercise, and I'm hoping to go to the doctor soon to get it all checked out.  If nothing else, so that he can give me some strengthening exercises, because this sure does suck!

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