Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dropping a size

After a few weeks of pants sliding down (sins belt, since women's pants seem to have a code against practicality), I went shopping today. I didn't really expect to fit into a size 14 pants, and grabbed a large range of sizes.

I tried on a size 14 first. Looking at it, I just laughed at myself. I can't yet fit into something so tiny! I tentatively put my foot in, expecting the pant leg to only slide up half-way. As you can guess, they not only slid all the way up, but fit too!

The last time I was a size 14 was when I was 14! When beginning this weight-loss journey a little over half a year ago, size 14 seemed so far away. I still can't believe I've accomplished this goal. Last year at this time I was a size 22.

I am currently at my parents' house. They are "foodies" and I always have such a struggle not binging on all the delicious things they keep in the house. Tonight we had an "antipasti dinner" of just amazing appetizers that my mom cooked up from her ingenuity. I had at least 10, if not more. They are just so darn good. It would be better if she was a terrible cook. :)

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