Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm going to win this race (against myself), even if it costs me tons of money!

Motivation is the hardest part. Working out in the morning is part of my routine, but it's much harder to make a routine out of eating healthy. To inspire me, I'm creating a chart of "celebrations" for hitting a weight.

Historically, the problem is not believing in myself. I don't believe I am capable of the weight that's right there on the scale. This is in part to natural weight fluctuations. Today the scale told me I was 189.4, but yesterday it told me I was 191.4. But the problem is circular - I don't believe I am that weight, so I am not inspired by myself, so I don't try, and so I end up NOT being that weight.

For these celebrations of weight loss, I am going to count the first time that a number appears on the scale when I weigh myself in the morning. So, today I can celebrate being under 190, despite the fact the cynical part of me believes my weight will shoot up tomorrow.

I have one "celebration" to fill in still (may end up all being manicures!), but here is the chart:

185 - Manicure
180 - Shoe shopping
175 -
170 -Hair coloring (I've never done this before!)
163 - Clothes shopping

My goal is to be 163 by my birthday (52 pounds!). My present to myself for achieving my goal will be a huge shopping spree. If I'm able to drop the 7 extra pounds (my stretch goal) I am going to get a message in addition, which is something I've never done.

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