Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Facing my fears: tracking calories on a bad day

I notice that on days I'm afraid I feel like I've eaten too much, I get afraid to track my calories. For instance: today I ate something while I wasn't hungry, on top of eating something I shouldn't, so I never logged into SparkPeople. At least, I only logged into SparkPeople after talking myself into it.

And the results weren't as bad as I thought they would be.

My breakfast was 206 calories
My lunch was 400 calories.
I snacked for 320 calories

320 calories is a lot for snacking (and not enough for breakfast, might I add), but together they added to 926 calories. That leaves me between 404 and 754 calories for dinner. I can do that.

Today was a great tracking opportunity. I was scared to track my calories because I was afraid I was over, and I found out that it's better to know my caloric intake than not know. It helps me make better plans for myself, and makes me ultimately feel better about myself. Even had I completely been over my calories for the day, I would have at least admitted it to myself instead of being shamed about the possibilities of over-consumption.

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